The Ark Nursery

Happy, fun and friendly pre-school learning

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The nursery is registered to look after children between the hours of 8.30am and 3pm, There will always be a member of staff to greet you and your child.  Please make a point of passing on any relevant information to your child’s key person or another member of staff if they are not available.  Cars may be parked anywhere on the roads in the vicinity of the church or at the front of the church if there is room. Please park with care.

If your child is unwell or cannot come to nursery for any reason, please telephone or text us as soon as possible.  A list of contagious illnesses, and how long your child should be away is on the notice board.


Bills are made up half-termly and prompt payment is appreciated either in cash or by cheque payable to “The Ark Nursery”. Fees are still payable during illness or family holidays to ensure your place being kept. Children are funded by WSCC in the term after their 3rd birthday for 38 weeks of the year. We reserve the right to charge a half-termly top-up fee covering any period which is not funded.


We encourage parents to visit nursery with their child before starting. It is an opportunity to ask questions and get a feel of how we work.  We have a flexible approach to settling at nursery as all children are different.  Your child’s key person will work with you to ensure the best possible start for your child.

There are many ways that you can help us at nursery too:

* Help on visits is always appreciated. Without your help with supervision and transport, we cannot have outings.

* If you have any skills, or know of anyone who may be of interest to the children and is able to visit nursery to talk about themselves we would be very grateful.

* If you ever have any materials to give that may be helpful to nursery we would be very pleased (eg. paper, card, wallpaper, containers, old buttons etc.)


Learning to manage their feelings and how to behave in a range of social situations is a key part of learning in the Early Years.  Together we learn to be kind and considerate to other children, to think about how we move around and use resources available.  We learn not to throw toys and equipment unless we are throwing and catching in an activity! We learn not to put toys in our mouth and this is carefully monitored due to safety.  We learn to help to tidy up, to share toys and to take turns.  We learn to wash our hands and flush the toilet and to wash hands after messy activities. We encourage and value independence including trying to put on coats and boots independently, and putting belongings away appropriately.  We learn to sit and listen when it is appropriate. We would appreciate your co-operation by trying to encourage your child to do these things at home as well.  Some other ways you can help your child in their pre- school life are:

Talking to your child about everything you do with them, listening and valuing what they say. Encourage them to express their needs in an appropriate way.

Telling them stories, poems and nursery rhymes. Encourage them to recount them. Don't worry if your child is always choosing the same book, they are demonstrating a real love of it.

Try to spend half an hour a day talking, listening and looking at books with your child.

If your child wishes to use a pencil, encourage them to hold it properly. Give plenty of scrap paper in different forms to encourage mark-making as this is the beginning of writing and a vital stage. Only teach the correct formation of letters in the lower case - not capitals. (Ask if you would like to see the correct way of teaching these). This should only be when they are trying to form letters already.  

If your child is showing an interest in early phonics and listening to the sounds in words it is important to say the sounds correctly, please ask if you are unsure of this.

Do not pressurise your child to learn formally.  Children are learning all the time at a pace that is right for them.  Most learning is done at a pre-school age through play.

Do not be anxious if they cannot read or write their name before they start school. They will be able to soon, when they are ready.

Enjoy your time with them before school, it passes very quickly!


Please send your children in practical clothing, which you don't mind getting dirty, and ones they can easily remove by themselves to go to the toilet. Please make sure they all bring boots and coats as we enjoy the outdoors in all weathers!  Pleaseu name all personal belongings. Please send your child in shoes they can manage themselves. If the weather turns hot bring sun hats and suncream, it is a good idea to apply suncream before nursery.  Please bring a change of clothing and put them in a named bag on your child's peg.  We do have some spare clothes at nursery if your child needs them, please wash and return these as soon as possible so they can be used for others.


We prefer not to give your child any over-the-counter medication, this can be given by you, before or after nursery. However, please inform us of any necessary medication your child has e.g. an inhaler, which must be recorded by us and stored in our medication box if needed in the setting.


We now use a secure online method, called Tapestry, for keeping a record of your child’s learning.  You will be sent a link to your child’s journal when they start so you can set up a password and access their journal as often as you like.  They are a great way of starting a conversation with your child about what they have been busy with at nursery.  Please feel free to contribute to this journal as well.  Please note that we would always ask permission before sharing photos publicly and would ask that you do not share photos/videos of your child or others in the setting on social networking sites such as Facebook. If you wish to share them with friends and family please send them by email.  We carry out regular, termly fire drills and discuss safety with the children. We will inform you when this has been done.


We need to know what the children are interested in and encourage them to bring in anything which helps with this – information about a place they have visited, photos, a favourite book and so on. Please be aware that toys or precious things from home may get lost or damaged but can be lovely to show to the group and then taken home. We organise activities and resources based on the children’s interests and seasonal events but are always flexible in this planning.


Snack time is everyday at 10am.  Children are encouraged to come when they are ready to share a drink and snack in a small group with an adult.  They are offered milk or water and share fruit and other exciting foods.  Please inform us of any food allergies and please contribute a piece of fruit or vegetable to be shared at snack time if you are able.  We also ask that all children have a named water bottle with them everyday.  These are rinsed and refilled by an adult everyday.


Finally, we like to organise meetings for you and your child’s key person each term.  These can be arranged at a time convenient for you and is a good time to look at your child’s journal and discuss any concerns, ask any questions and celebrate your child’s achievements.   We have an open door policy at The Ark and encourage you to speak to us at any time if you have any questions or concerns.